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#2202 - Error creating/cannot create templates after upgrading to Syno version for Sugar 7.7

Closed Bug? created by tru-testnz Verified Purchase 5 years ago

As we have recently upgraded to Sugar Version 7.7 and the previous version of SynoDashboardTemplates was not compatible, per Bug #2137 we downloaded and installed the newest version of SynoDashboardTemplates:

After uninstalling the previous Dashboard Templates version and installing the new version we are now unable to Save a new template.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Navigate to Dashboard Templates via the Admin screen
2) Click "Create"
3) Enter a name and click "Save".

Result = the following error appears:

Error There was an error while connecting to the server. Please try again.

HTTP: 500 Server Error

Unknown error.

N.B. Despite the above error in the Dashboard templates screen, the rest of our Sugar instance is functioning normally - it's only the Dashboard Templates functionality that is affected.

We've tried Repair & Rebuild and repeated the above steps with the same results.

  1. synolia member avatar

    synolia Provider Affiliate

    5 years ago


    We have tried to reproduce your scenario without any success. Here are the steps we made to test your scenario:

    1. Install Sugar with demo data
    2. Install the package (the old version of the module)
    3. Creation of a template and deploiment of that template on a couple of users
    4. Uninstall of the module (without removing the tables)
    5. Delete of the module from the available modules list
    6. Upgrade Sugar to
    7. Install the package
    8. During the final phase (the repair & rebuild) scroll down and execute the queries if any are proposed
    9. Go to the dashboard template we created earlier and deploy it to other users

    We encountered no problems with this scenario and managed to properly deploy our template. Please verify that when you do the quick repair and rebuild you scroll down and execute the SQL queries if any are proposed. If not, try looking in the sugarcrm.log of your Sugar application or the php error.log files.

    Kind regards,
    Synolia Support

  2. tru-testnz member avatar

    tru-testnz Verified Purchase

    5 years ago

    In step 4. we removed the tables as we had nothing we needed to save.

  3. tru-testnz member avatar

    tru-testnz Verified Purchase

    5 years ago

    Missed your second question: Answer is, yes, after the quick repair and rebuild we scrolled down to click "Execute".

  4. tru-testnz member avatar

    tru-testnz Verified Purchase

    5 years ago

    Please mark this as resolved as we have managed to fix it.

    For reference in case it helps someone else, after performing all of the above actions without success we did the following:
    1) Overnight the automatic nightly jobs will have run on our On-Demand Enterprise instance. (not sure if relevant but just to mention it)
    2) Performed Quick Repair and Rebuild followed by clicking "Execute".
    3) Confirmed that had not resolved the issue: Still had error trying to create a New template.
    4) At this point we noticed that within Module Loader the Dashboard Manager plugin was -not- listed EVEN THOUGH the link to Dashboard Manager was showing at the bottom of the Admin screen and was allowing us to click in the "Dashboard Templates" screen.
    5) Re-uploaded the install file so it would be visible on the Module Loader screen.
    6) Installed via Module Loader as recommended.
    7) Tested to find the issue had been resolved.

    • synolia member avatar

      synolia Provider Affiliate

      5 years ago


      Thanks for your reply. I'm happy you managed to make the module work properly. During the first install there might have been some cache data that interfered with your last install.

      Kind regards,
      Synolia Support

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