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#1267 - Receive updated copy of download for client

Closed Installation created by visaolive 7 years ago

We have a client who purchased your plugin, and received the 7.2 copy of the build.

Since then, they haven't received the latest 7.5 release of your plugin.

Could we receive a copy on their behalf? Or, have a new copy sent to them?

What would you need from us to verify?

  1. synolia member avatar

    synolia Provider Affiliate

    7 years ago


    The version of the module for SugarCRM 7.5 is sold as a new product. New features have been added to Dashboard Template Deployer for Sugar 7 like the history of template deployment as well as the saving and redeployment of dashlet filters. To get the latest version you will have to purchase it.

    However, if you (or your client) already bought the 7.2 version we can create a coupon for the price of the old version (49$) usable for the purchase of the new version.

    If you are ok with the creation of the coupon and are still interested in the module, can you please provide us with the name of the client who bought the module ?

    We cannot provide you with a copy directly, but if your client has any problems accessing their account, don't hesitate to contact SugarOutfitters directly. They are usually quick and very helpful in solving problems like this.

    Best regards, Synolia Support

    • visaolive member avatar


      7 years ago


      The name of the client is Greenbriar, and should be under Scott Parkis.

  2. synolia member avatar

    synolia Provider Affiliate

    7 years ago

    A coupon has been created and sent via email. Can you please confirm that you received it?

    Thank you,

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