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Lets Administrators query the MySQL database directly from their SugarCRM instances. Browse and export cloud-hosted and local data quickly and easily. Turn results into graphic charts with a single click.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#3804 Invalid query - I get an 'Invalid query message' The query works everywhere else including phpmyadmin, and dbforge johnl Open Bug?
#2509 I paid for a copy and I cannot find it at all - Hello, I purchased a copy of SQL Query and I am unable to find the correct license.... madeinusa Closed General Question
#2384 Installation Failure - I can't manage to install this module. I'm using sugarcrm CE 6.5.22 and trying to install SQL Query Yosef Closed Installation
#2382 I can not run an update query on the accounts database - I get invalid query when trying to set deleted to 0 on an acidently deleted record. - I can display but not update via the ui leigh Closed Feature
#2229 Scheduled Reports - Hi, Sugar out of the box is capable of running scheduled reports at regular intervals for the Cor kalexander In Progress Feature
#2180 How do I edit/delete a saved query. - How do I edit or delete a saved query. I do not see any option which can do the same. rajan Closed General Question
#2178 Does it support variables - Does it support variables in a query. rajan Closed General Question
#2167 Query shows records found but does not display the records - Whenever I run a query it shows records found but does not display any record. Also the query automa rajan Closed Installation
#1231 Alternate Database User with READ ONLY - I'm not sure if SQL Query can be restricted to users/user groups but it would be nice if an alternat Dusza Closed Feature
#1184 Graphic error i of help graphic was not installed - Graphic error i of help graphic was not installed Where do I get the syntax to run a query madeinusa Closed General Question

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