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This dashboard helps SugarCRM admins to view and download missing data across key modules instantly. It helps them saving bucket loads of effort and time each month which they would spend otherwise in building Sugar reports and manual analysis.

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#3943 - Ability to filter the data within Modules

Open Feature created by Savuka 3 years ago


One key feature that would help make us purchase the potentially plugin would be having the filter search like you have on each of the modules as having just a large list to work against with out having the ability to filter makes it more difficult. We have fields on the modules that could be used to focus the effort if there was a filter capability.

Also having a top N feature would be great, show me the top 100 accounts that have the least amount of fields that have not be populated or filled out.

Also we use the cases module and I did not see this on the drop down as it would show me that certain fields are either not required or support engineers are not filling out the fields.


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