SugarOutfitters Launches Third Party App Store for SugarCRM

SugarOutfitters, a SugarCRM module discovery service and marketplace, is making the development of third party applications for SugarCRM a viable business.

Minneapolis, MN - (PRWEB) - SugarOutfitters, a SugarCRM module discovery service and marketplace, today announced the launch of its platform. Dedicated to SugarCRM modules, themes, integrations, and other similar solutions, SugarOutfitters has built an ecosystem around the popular customer relationship management (CRM) application.

“We take the hit-and-miss experience with finding solutions for various needs and turn it into a can’t-miss experience backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee,” said Chad Hutchins, Co-Founder of SugarOutfitters. “With every product on SugarOutfitters being automatically scanned, manually reviewed, and peer verified, users are assured to the quality of each product.”

SugarCRM users are not the only ones to benefit from such simplification. With SugarOutfitters, developers benefit from a turnkey storefront which includes handling of all transactions, built-in support and documentation capabilities, a license API server, and ongoing, highly targeted marketing initiatives. In addition, developers get an additional distribution channel through the affiliate reseller program.

“Developers have chosen to leverage the many advantages of SugarOutfitters,” said Jason Eggers, Co-Founder of SugarOutfitters. “They will be able to utilize our platform to ensure that users will have the best solutions possible while benefiting from our discovery services consisting of SEO optimization, PPC, other marketing channels, and the affiliate reseller program.”

Building on the spirit of SugarCRM’s open source foundation, SugarOutfitters fosters collaboration with its communication technology that blurs the line between users and developers. Every user touch point can be turned into an opportunity to strengthen each product. From reviews to verifications to support cases, developers can initiate conversations and work with end users to create even more useful solutions.

Not only is SugarOutfitters a discovery service and marketplace for the popular SugarCRM application, it is an ecosystem that helps both users and developers thrive. SugarOutfitters helps users by simplifying the discovery process and developers by providing an all-in-one platform.

About SugarOutfitters
SugarOutfitters is a third-party app store dedicated to SugarCRM modules, themes, and integrations. SugarOutfitters makes it easy to buy, sell, collaborate, and support solutions through its turnkey storefront, submission review process, SEO optimization, and collaboration technology. In addition to its platform, SugarOutfitters offers a unique affiliate reseller program. For more information visit

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