SugarOutfitters Celebrates the Milestone Launch of its 50th Add-on

SugarOutfitters is pleased to announce the launch of its 50th add-on.

Minneapolis, MN,  August 21 - SugarOutfitters is pleased to announce the launch of its 50th add-on with the addition of Weblinx Site Tracker. Weblinx Site Tracker joins a rapidly growing list of solutions for the SugarCRM platform available on the SugarOutfitters marketplace. Before being accepted to the marketplace, each add-on must undergo extensive testing through both automated and manual review channels.

Jason Eggers, Co-founder of SugarOutfitters, comments, "We are excited to have reached 50 tested, proven solutions in just the first year since launching our beta. With SugarCRM being a best-of-breed platform, each new addition brings another quality option to companies who are looking to get even more value out of their CRM."

In addition to each of the benefits that every add-on gets with SugarOutfitters, they also benefit from the "closed-loop" communication systems that are included. These systems, such as Conversations and Questions, help customers and providers to collaborate to create even stronger solutions. A side effect is higher customer satisfaction and retention rates. From the Conversations blog entry:

"With the launch of Conversations, sellers are informed via email anytime a member leaves a comment, creates a rating & review, verifies an add-on works, asks a questions. Not only are they notified, but they are now able to kick-off a private conversation between themselves and the member to discuss the issue at hand. If someone leaves a negative verification or review, the seller now has an opportunity to follow up with that member to try his/her best to fix the issue for the member and turn it into a positive experience."

About SugarOutfitters
SugarOutfitters is a marketplace and discovery service dedicated to SugarCRM modules, themes, and integrations. SugarOutfitters makes it easy to buy, sell, collaborate, and support solutions through its turnkey storefront, submission review process, SEO optimization, and collaboration technology. In addition to its platform, SugarOutfitters offers a unique affiliate reseller program.

About SugarCRM
SugarCRM delivers an integrated solution that empowers every professional in a business who interacts with the customer to excel at his or her job. SugarCRM’s market-leading open Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform delivers the agility, flexibility, and security required to equip each customer facing professional with the information and tools they need to effectively engage with their customer. SugarCRM applications have been downloaded more than 11 million times and currently help over 1.2M end users across disciplines effectively engage their customers. Over 6,500 organizations have chosen SugarCRM's On-Site and Cloud Computing services over proprietary alternatives. SugarCRM has been recognized for its customer success and product innovation by CRM Magazine, InfoWorld and Customer Interaction Solutions.

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