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These folks don’t develop software, they find it. If you use SugarCRM, get to know SugarOutfitters!

SugarOutfitters are big believers in the best-of-breed approach to CRM. However, it can be an overwhelming and frustrating task to find the solutions you need. We take out all of the risk by providing a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee powered by a review process for each submission, automatic scanning for malicious code, peer versification for any version, and notifications for possible conflicts. Our “Conversations” system makes sure that every user gets the help they need.

Our user-base is centered around those currently using or looking to use SugarCRM as part of their enterprise suite of applications. Current numbers have it at about 6,600 paying organizations using SugarCRM with an estimated average of 60-150 users per install. On top of that is an untapped market of organizations using the Community Edition. Based on industry conversion rates from free to paid that number could very well be around 10-20x that number, if not more. Given our deep history with using, creating, buying, and selling SugarCRM solutions we have been able to specifically tailor a marketplace for this unique ecosystem. It’s a combination of proprietary technology that we have built along with the domain expertise that we bring to the table. Besides that, we can output quality work at crazy speeds.

For customers, we do the hard work of manually and automatically reviewing every single submission listed on our store. If for some reason there were an issue there are many avenues to get the help that is needed.

For sellers, we provide many built-in features like a Licensing API, Web hooks for automating back-end processes, a turn-key storefront, support, documentation, an affiliate reseller channel selling their products, stats such as conversion metrics, charge-backs and transactions are all handled by us, and so on. We do the bulk of the work so that sellers can focus on creating and supporting great solutions.

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