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Are you tired of scheduling your meeting separately in Zoom and SugarCRM? Well, we have the solution with our simple and easy to use Zoom plugin which allows you to schedule, reschedule, and view all your Zoom meetings within SugarCRM.

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SugarCRM Zoom Integration

Close business faster with face-to-face video or voice meetings. Schedule or start an instant Zoom video or audio call with screen sharing right from SugarCRM and track these meetings in Activity History.

The #1 video and web conferencing service for SugarCRM – Zoom helps you build relationships and close business faster.


  • One-way sync of meetings with Zoom (from Sugar to ZOOM)
  • Launch Zoom meeting from Sugar with a single click
  • Scheduling / Updating / Deleting Zoom meetings in a single click from Sugar
  • Send Zoom Meeting Info via Email

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