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Are you wondering if your employees are satisfied with your CRM ? User Satisfaction gives you the answer ! This module allows you to collect feedback from your teams regarding the use of your tool and thus, to adapt it according to their feedback. It's up to you !

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A new section called SYNOLIA will be present in the Administration page and will display the “Configuration of the User Satisfaction module”.


Click the ‘Configuration of the User Satisfaction module’ to display the following screen. To enable or disable the user satisfaction collection, select ‘Active’ or ‘Inactive’ in the dropdown and then click ‘Save’.

This feature enables you to decide when you want to collect the users’ feedback.


When enabled, Sugar displays the following icon inside the Sugar’s footer: This icon takes the grey color when the user has filled out his feedback for the current month.


Note: if the icon’s color is grey although the user has not given its feedback, you should refresh the browser’s cache.

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