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Unique ID Generator for SugarCRM is mainly used to generate a unique serial number for each record in a module. Using this functionality, you can manage your records more efficiently and provide a helpful identity for every single record. Start tracking your Quote, Opportunity, Leads, Cases, Accounts, and any other modules today!

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Admin Guide


Admin Can configure this plugin for all the indivisual Module on any field (Custom and Default Field).

Admin needs to follow below steps.

1) Create custom field in any of the module(Ex: I have created custom field accountid_c in Accounts module) Num1.png

2) Open Admin Panel and cllick on iPredict Manage Unique ID Generator Link. Num2.png

3) Create Record on the module and add details. Please check below image. Num4.png

Following fields user need to setup for the enabled module.

  1. Select Module: Admin can select module where they want to create unique serial number. (I have selected account module).
  2. Field Name: Admin need to add field name which he created in Point #1 (I have added accountid_c field)
  3. Prefix: Admin can add Prefix on field (I have added IPXDH In Prefix) Records will look like Ex. IPXDH1, IPXDH2, etc.
  4. Suffix: Admin can add Prefix on field.
  5. Active: It's checkbox field Admin can Enabled/Disabled the unique serial number generation.
  6. Value Min Length: Admin can set Length of the unique serial number generation. Ex. If user enter 5 then sequence will be look like. ABCD1
  7. Current Value : Admin can set the current value from which number they want to start the numbering for the records. Default admin need to set 0 for all the records. If admin want start serial number sequence from 10 then admin need to add 10 on the Current Value field.
  8. Random : Admin can select random checkbox and for each new records rendom number generated on serial number field automatically.

Generate unique serial number for Existing Records

This add-on will update your existing records Sequence automatically once you perform the action. Admin need to click on "Generate Sequence for Existing Records" button and Sequence will automatically applied for all the records.

Admin needs to open the existing records from #iP_AutoRecordNumbering module and click on Generate Sequence for Existing Records button. please check the image. Num9.png

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