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Sugar Plugin that bridges the gap between Twilio & Sugar. To establish a connection with your customers, a state-of-the-art Telephony solution for Voice (Inbound and Outbound) and SMS to run your business more efficiently and cost-effectively. Works great with both VoIP and landlines.

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Release Notes

Version 4.0.2 (Available 12/04/2022)


10.0.0 to 11.1.0


Bug fixes

Version 4.0.1 (Available: 01/09/2020)


  • SugarCRM 8.0.0 - 9.2.0


  • When clicking on validate button if there is not any licence key error appears
  • Default country code functionality is working in SMS Campaigns
  • Default country code functionality is working in RT SMS
  • Syncing only messages that are not synced already
  • Added proper placeholder in Target List input field in Quick SMS Campaign
  • If user is offline, IVR doesn't say user is busy and not keep on waiting


  • SMS sync Scheduler is taking less time
  • Relocation of license folder
  • File Names are unique
  • Default country field loads properly
  • Remove unnecessary logs are removed


  • Saving receipt name as well as Phone number appended with it in destination field
  • Contacts/Accounts/Leads are removed from any Target list, SMS Campaign still sent SMS to that Contacts/Accounts/Leads
  • RT SMS working by making SMS as scheduled
  • Default Country Code issue in Compose SMS
  • Default Country Code issue in Quick SMS Campaign
  • Quick SMS Campaign is working by setting schedule time
  • Session Logout issue due to country code
  • Call Account settings do not accept the invalid values
  • Call forward is working
  • Recipients get added while composing SMS
  • Keyboard's numpad gets associated with Telephony's dial-pad
  • Campaign runs at the set time
  • Filename issue is resolved
  • If the Target List is not found in Quick SMS Campaign proper message is displayed to the user
  • Outbound call duration is correct
  • Outbound Call is working correct

Version 4.0.0 (Available: 04/08/2019)


  • Emoji feature for Chatbox
  • SMS Campaigns.
  • SMS Templates for SMS Campaigns.
  • URL Shortening for long urls in SMS Templates.
  • Flexibility to grant/revoke access to Chatbox/SMS Campaigns.
  • Realtime Call Duration display
  • Get notified whenever an inbound call is missed or did not reach you.
  • Get notified whenever an SMS Campaign is concluded.
  • Ability to create contact/lead for unknown numbers.
  • Know why you are unable to call a particular number.
  • Automatic creation of schedulars for SMS and Campaigns


  • Completely new UI for call box and chatbox.
  • One click to forward a call
  • Inbound call status to missed rather than canceled if call is not picked up
  • Real time status update of an sms
  • Translated target list types
  • SMS Notification with record name instead of number only
  • Optimization of code


  • Default Country Code is not working
  • Outbound Calls are not being recorded
  • Voice mail is not working
  • Call price is in negative
  • Call comes even when session is expired
  • When a call is forwarded to one admin, it gets forwarded to all available admins
  • Accept/Reject buttons are not hiding after accepting/rejecting an inbound call
  • Inbound calls are only logged in calls module if attended. Otherwise, there is no record of the call.
  • Right after the installation of rt telephony, the user appears busy in inbound call status.
  • Price is not set when outbound call is made to any account or lead
  • Dialpad for outbound calls is not working from keyboard keys
  • Notify user on trying to make new call while a call is already in progress.
  • Call Account settings saved with empty fields

Known issues:

  • Emojis appear at the start of text in chatbox when emoji picker is opened through emoji button. Temporary solution: Use the TAB key to open emoji picker to avoid this problem or after opening emoji feature, click in text-box where the emoji should be and then select emoji


– SugarCRM 7.9.2 to 8.3.0

Special instructions: - After installation, Please do: - A quick repair and rebuild - Rebuild JS Grouping Files - Empty Cache and Hard Reload

Version 3.0.0 Sugar 7 (Available: 09/15/2015)

  • Integration of SMS and Call feature is achieved for Sugar 7
  • Compatibility has been achieved for Sugar 7.6
  • Compatibility has been improved for MySQL & MSSQL databases

Version 3.0.0 Sugar 6 (Available: 06/19/2015)

  • Resolved Call Forwarding issue to multiple extensions
  • Resolved outgoing all assignment issue
  • Account is also search able in SMS recipients
  • Data usage record has been improved
  • Incoming Call recipients improved
  • Resolved Scheduled timing issue
  • Design has been Improved
  • New SugarOutfitters License API implemented
  • Pre Install checks introduced

Version 2.0 (Available: 01/2015)

  • SMS Feature introduced in Sugar 7.
  • SMS and Call feature combined for Sugar 7.

Version 1.0 (Available: 01/2013)

  • Telephony Communication integrated with Sugar for Sugar 6
  • Inbound Calls
  • Outbound Calls
  • Call History Preservation
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