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Track time and measure productivity against any and all modules in SugarCRM, including support cases and project tasks. Have the ability to log against multiple modules on one timesheet and log against specific modules that more than one user is working on. Built in popup timer that lets you start, pause, and end calculating time.

User Guide

How to access the module?

User can access the Timesheet Pro module from More or All menu. There will be 2 modules listed. You can select Timesheet Pro to start creating a timesheet.

How to configure what your logging time against?

Timesheet Pro offers an easy to configure interface to select what you will log time against. Within the timesheet module, select the Timesheet settings sub menu selection.

Timesheet Options

Selecting Modules

Upon selecting, you will be able to choose what modules and related modules you can log time against. Once you choose save, you will be redirected to TimeSheet Module. Related Modules

Selecting Related Modules

You can choose to log time against any related module associated with your parent module. For example, logging time against calls related to an opportunity. enter image description here

Getting Started with Timesheet Professional (Video Tutorial)

Creating a timesheet

Within the timesheets view, click Create in the Upper Right hand corner of your screen. enter image description here

Entering Timesheet Data

Entering data is easy using the timesheet grid matrix. Timesheet Logging

You can also log time daily and add a description to the task. To do that click on the left hand side "Create Daily Timesheet" Capture daily.JPG

How to log time against other modules that you are not assigned to or your timesheet not configured to?

1) Go to Timesheet Global Module Entry global entery.JPG

2)Fill out all the information. Leave "Processed" unchecked. fill out.JPG test for g.JPG

3) Click save an check the timesheet. task ggghj.JPG

Capture fffffffffffffffffffffffff.JPG

How to use a Popup Timer for Cases or Project Tasks?

1) Case or Project Task has to be assigned to yourself.

2) Go to your timesheet. case assigned.PNG

3) Click the case and start the timer. Capture t.PNG

4) Click end to end the timer. end.PNG

Reporting with Timesheet Professional (Video Tutorial)

Providing a user with specific project access

1) Go to detailview of any project. 2) From Resources subpanel, Select users.

Provide User Access

Advanced Query Search for Timesheets

Advance search enables you to search for timesheets related to modules, users, or related modules. Advance Search

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