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Create personalized MS Office or Open Office letters and documents from any Sugar module with one click. Define and create templates for any module and generate Office documents on any record and its related records. Great for mail merges and more!

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Installation and User Guide

Installation and User Guide

Please download the full documentation about Installation and how to use SynoGenerateDoc in English or in French to obtain additional information.

SynoGenerateDoc is not available for Sugar On Demand hosting platform.

Getting started

Additionally some documents are available to quick start with SynoGenerateDoc:

  • Vars extractor in English or in French to generate all available variables for one module
  • Quote example in English or in French which is a quote example to explain how to iterate on product lines
  • Meeting transcript with attendees list in English or in French
  • Account overview with contacts list in English or in French


SYNOLIA has deep expertise with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications that enables us to help businesses, according to specific needs, building the best of breed solution.

  • First historical Worldwide Partner
  • Recognized developer and Elite partner of SugarCRM
  • Unique Elite Partner in France in 2019

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SYNOLIA provides support and services to customers in order to define or deploy projects with SugarCRM. Synolia is based in Lyon, Paris, Bordeaux & Grand-Ouest, FRANCE.

For further information, call +33 (0) 4 27 70 53 70 or visit

For all inquiries:

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