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Helpful for industry professionals and entrepreneurs to conduct surveys right from within SugarCRM. It is custom designed to be engaging and convenient for responders while organizing all of your gathered data automatically in your CRM, allowing you to gain the actionable insights you need to make better decisions.

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Are you a strong and determined enterprise or an emerging entrepreneur?
For any type of successful organization, this tool will let you Create, Invite and Evaluate results of your surveys. Polar Strategy gives you the flexibility to create a survey with a fully customized template, a different type of questions entered in the survey, easy to access your survey responses and reporting. Survey2CRM provide you one stop solution to all such queries and lets you better forecast your company future.

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  • Send a specific number of surveys per month.
  • Auto emails send out once the survey is created
  • Customize the type of questions in a survey
  • Add/Remove pages and questions
  • Save a survey once created to reuse as a template
  • Deadline management start and end dates for survey
  • Graphical results in real time with summary statistics

Survey2CRM Integration


Step 1:
Log into SugarCRM as an administrator from there simply click on Admin in the top right-hand corner of SugarCRM interface, Select Module loader


Step 2:
Move to the Module Loader to place the downloaded Survey2CRMsugarConnector on the dashboard

![1.5.png]( "6.png")

Step 3:
Select the file


Step 4:
Click install and press commit to start download



Step 5:
Quick repair and rebuild



Step 6:
Repair relationships


Plugin Activation

Step 1:

If the plugin is not activated then it will take you to license activation section. Get license key from SugarOutfitters and activate that key


Step 2:

Activate and Enable Plugin Manually

Login SugarCRM ‘Admin Panel’ and go to ‘Admin’ from the top right corner for SugarCRM interface and select ‘ Survey2CRM License Configuration’ and use ‘Survey2CRM’ tab. When you enter and validate key it will be verified and your plugin will be activated, the configuration will be saved automatically.


Polar Survey Solutions Features

Step 1:

Survey Creation:

Survey2CRM gives you complete flexibility to customise your survey as per your company needs. Whichever way you want to display your survey, the option will be available to you at your fingertips.


Step 2:

Survey DetailView:

This detailed view is used to add sections and subsections. Multiple pages can be created on the survey and type of questions to those pages.
There is a list of fields available for basic question type (dropdown, multiple choice, rating etc) on the right panel. These fields can be dragged and drop to the survey main view.

In this view, you can see the detail view of the created survey.


Step 3:
Welcome Page Design

There is field above design area of a survey from where you can design the welcome page or set welcome messages for that survey. This will be visible to the frontend whenever a survey is opened to be filled.


Step 4:

Thank you, Page Design

Just below the Welcome Page design field, there is another field to design Thank you Page or message.
This will be displayed after survey has been successfully filled.


Step 5:

Save Survey:

After designing your survey, you need to click ‘Save’ Button at the top


Step 6:

Email Template:

Email template will use for email while sending the survey. You can insert survey URL by clicking on ‘Insert Survey Link’ This particular Email Template can be used in sending multiple surveys.



Step 7:

Send Survey:
Now go to Contacts/Leads/Accounts/Targets module to send out the survey to single and or multiple customer(s).
To send the survey to multiple customer select customers from list and goto list actions and click ‘Send Survey’.


In order to send it to a single customer, open record view and click on the ‘Send Survey’ button to the top.


After this a drawer will appear asking you to select a Survey to send and an Email Template to be used in sending out survey link.
After selecting both clicks on the Send button to send out Survey Emails.

Step 8:

Survey Submission Page:

You can see the survey submission page/view like below image based on the selected theme while creating a survey.


Step 9:

Thank you, page will pop up when you have successfully submitted your survey responses

Validation on’ Next’(display when you add multiple pages for survey questions) and ‘Submit’ button.

Step 10:

Survey status report after submission.


Step 11:

Survey question type report.

Goto to record view of the survey and navigate top button options, click Question Stats View to view the following report.


Step 12:

Survey Individual Report:
Goto to record view of the survey and navigate top button options, click Question Stats View to view the following report.

Select Customer and Survey Process to view answers by particular Customer and against particular Survey.


Step 13:

Survey Export Report :
Goto to record view of the survey and navigate top button options, click Export Responses to view the following report.


This will download the CSV file that contains all answers for a particular format and customers name who have an answer.


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