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Sugar-Project is the new CRM Open Source Theme based on and compatible with SuiteCRM.
Sugar-Project offers a revolutionary new interface designed as a theme for SuiteCRM.
Various new features have been added, users will definitely love them!
Additional modules, new views: all Open Source and compatible with SuiteCRM.

Includes a 30 day guarantee
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Installation Guide

Installing Sugar-Project Theme

Look at the installation procedure in the following video.

1 - Before installation

Sugar-Project is compatible with SuiteCRM from the 7.9.1 release. Particular pre-requisites, are not needed to use Sugar-Project.

Sugar-Project is not compatible with other SuiteCRM themes.
By installing Sugar-Project on your CRM, you will allow all the users to use this theme.
You can un-install Sugar-Project and re-activate SuiteCRM themes on any occasion.

2 - Installation

Please backup your SuiteCRM instance.
Download the 2 Sugar-Project installation packages:
* Sugar-Project modules package
* Sugar-Project theme package
Sugar-project modules package must be installed first.
Follow the following steps:
1. Create a backup of all your SugarCRM system (files and MySQL). It is better to make a full backup of your SugarCRM system before any changes are made.
2. Log in to your SugarCRM system as Administrator and go to Admin > Module Loader and browse for Sugar-Project modules package ZIP file.
3. Select your copy of Sugar-Project modules package and click on the “Upload” button.
4. If the module is successfully uploaded, press on the “Install” button.
5. Return to the Module loader, you should now install the package Sugar-Project theme package
6. Select your copy of Sugar-Project theme package and click on the “Upload” button.
7. If the module is successfully uploaded, press on the “Install” button.
8. The second package is the theme. Installed themes are not showed in Module Loader. Please go to Admin > Themes, to list all themes installed.
9. Deactivate any other theme in the list and set Sugar-Project Theme as default.
10. Save and go back to the Administration panel. Select Repair and click on Quick Repair.
11. If you face any issues, please contact us:

3 - Unistall and Updates

Unistalling Sugar-Project Theme
1. Log in to your SugarCRM system as Administrator
2. Go to Admin > Module Loader and select Sugar-Project modules and un-install
3. Go to Admin > Themes and deactivate Sugar-Project theme and activate others themes


How to update the new SuiteCRM releases
You can install the new SuiteCRM release and then upgrade Sugar-Project with a new version or reinstall Sugar-Project when your SuiteCRM upgrade has finished.

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