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An integrated, intelligent web chat tool for SugarCRM. Embed this chat tool into your website and manage your conversations directly from SugarCRM. See your web visitors, web visit history, and chat history as you are working with a visitor.

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Visitors Online

Visitors Online: The CRM Admin will see the online user in CRM, when a use add code to their page and enter user name and email in script page. image

After enter your detail you will able to chat CRM admin. image

CRM admin will see you online in CRM. image

Admin will click on online user name will open chat window. image

Now you Sugar CRM admin and website visitor will able to chat. Now CRM admin also able to send Canned Message to visitor user, image

Like in above example there are 2 messages admin will click any message the message text will auto added into chat box text area. Send message by hit the Enter Key. User and admin will receive message and get notification tune on message receive. image

And you can chat with CRM admin, admin chat window look like : image

Visitor chat window look like form website. image

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