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An integrated, intelligent web chat tool for SugarCRM. Embed this chat tool into your website and manage your conversations directly from SugarCRM. See your web visitors, web visit history, and chat history as you are working with a visitor.

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Plugin Overview: Teleconferencing or Chatting is a method of using technology to bring people and ideas "together" despite of geographical barriers. This technology has been available for years but the acceptance it was quit recent. Our chat plugin "SugarIQ" is a chat application, which is made up of 2 applications the sugarIQ panel which runs on SugarCRM Chat Application module and User Script which run on Website linked to that CRM (Organization) on user side. System Level Diagram: Below shown diagram is of SugarIQ chat Plugin Dashboard Admin has option to see • How many visitors are online • Visitors online History • Can get Script for Users • Can Create Reports

How it Works: • Download SugarIQ plugin from link • After successful installation Open Plugin from menu link • Select Chat Application from menu

Dashboard: Application Dashboard will be show as with current Login users

User Script: To get script for user side click on user script.

Visitor Online History: Click on User online history Link to get User History

Also,admin has option to add users to CRM as Leads, Contacts are Prospects Module As shown

Chat Option: Admin has option to start chat with any User Logged In as, just click on Logged in User

User Side Demo: After adding on website for user side, User will be able to see chat Plugin as

Also, user and Admin can start chat,

Install SugarIQ and enjoy it. Thanks!!!

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