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AdobeSign for Sugar allows you to send documents or contracts for electronic signature using AdobeSign from within SugarCRM. Track your documents anytime, anywhere within minutes. Supports the use of PDF templates or AdobeSign templates to send documents to Sugar accounts, contacts, or leads for e-signature.

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Sending document to your Contacts, Leads or Accounts

Sending Documents to Adobe Sign allows you to upload your document and send it to your selected Contact, Account or Lead.

  • To send a Document, open any Lead, Contact or Account record. Under the record action menu, it shows the option ‘Send Document via Adobe Sign’. Click this option.


  • On Send Document via Adobe Sign screen, it will auto-fill the Name and Email of the recipient from the selected module.


  • By clicking PLUS icon, you can add multiple recipients. And MINUS button in red colour allows the removal of some recipients.


  • By drag and drop, you can set the order to recipients. For example, Signer1 receives the document first, after signing from Signer1, it will be shared with Signer2 and so on.


  • You can select a role for the recipient. Available roles are defined here


Once you are done with this, press Send to Adobe Sign button and it will send document to your recipients via AdobeSign and you will be redirected back to your record (Account, Contact or Lead).

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