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SugarDocuSign for SugarCRM allows you to send e-sign contracts for electronic signature with DocuSign services and track your documents anytime, anywhere within minutes.

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Installation Guide

Get the SugarDocuSign for SugarCRM-7

• Go to your Purchases and locate the SugarDocuSign for SugarCRM. • Download the module as a zipped file to your computer.

Load the Module into Sugar CRM

• Login to your Sugar CRM account. Click Admin to go to the Administration Home Page and under Developer Tools click Module Loader. • Click Browse to navigate to the location of the module zipped file on your computer. Click Upload, the uploaded module displays in the bottom panel. • Click Install, when the installation is completed to 100% it will automatically redirected to the following screen which asks you to enter your License key which will be found under your Purchases.

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• After entering your license key click Validate. If your license key is not correct an error message will be displayed.

Note: You can get your License key by following the steps on license configuration screen.

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