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SugarCRM Survey Plugin With Survey Rocket, a SugarCRM survey plugin, you can build surveys that trigger automatically to get real-time feedback from customers. It gives custom survey templates, online polls and more. Moreover, you can use the CRM data using inward and outward piping mechanism.

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1. Is Survey Rocket like other online survey tools?

We would not want to compare Survey Rocket with any other online survey solution, simply because only Survey Rocket is built for SugarCRM and others are not. If you have to use any general online survey tool with SugarCRM you will not only have to purchase that tool's subscription but also another third party integration solution, just to integrate the survey tool with SugarCRM. As you can understand, this is not only costly and messy, but also exposes your customer database to security risks. Even though the features are comparable to any good survey tool, Survey Rocket is unique in its own way.

2. Can I create multiple surveys using the same survey template?

Yes, you can create multiple surveys using the same template. When you create a survey using a template it gets saved as a separate survey in the survey module.

3. Can I resend a survey to a respondent?

Yes, you can resend the survey to a respondent from the Individual Report, where you will find a resend button against all survey submissions. A respondent can also request to attempt the survey again.

4. Can I make a question compulsory?

Yes, you can make a question compulsory by marking it as “Is required” from the Advanced Options tab.

5. Can I send a reminder to attempt the survey?

Yes, you can send a reminder to your prospects who have not responded to the survey.

6. Can the respondents' be redirected to any web page?

By default, the respondents are redirected to the Thank You page. You can edit the Survey completion page from Advance Survey Configuration option for a survey to redirect respondents to your own web page when they're done taking the survey.

7. Can I attend survey on behalf of my prospects?

Yes, you can attend survey on behalf of your prospects on a phone call. In the survey submissions sub-panel, an option to Attend Survey is provided using which you can attend the survey on behalf of your prospects.

  1. hkirgis member avatar


    3 years ago

    Please could you provide me a user guide?

    • Biztech member avatar

      AppJetty Provider Affiliate

      3 years ago

      Hello Dear,

      Greetings from AppJetty!

      Please find the user manual for the plugin here:

      Hope this helps! Let us know in case of any concern.

      Kind Regards, AppJetty.

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