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Never miss scheduling an appointment or seizing a new business opportunity when you connect Calendly with SugarCRM for real-time calendar syncing. Sync your event invitation into SugarCRM as a meeting and save your invitee as a contact record, plus many more useful features.

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Admin Guide

API Configuration in CRM

Go to the admin panel and you will find the Calendly Integration Settings section. Then click on Calendly API Configuration and enter the details as below image. Admin.png

[ API Token ]

Copy API Key from Calendly portal and enter here. Click on the link for Copy API Key - Calendly

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  1. Vincent member avatar


    8 months ago

    hi, you mention this : Please check webhook URL is valid. If its wrong then correct your site_url in config.php Can you also add your suggested method of how do we check please?

    • verityinfotech member avatar

      Verity Infotech Provider

      8 months ago

      Hello Vincent, It means that your crm_url should be match with the site_url of config.php file of your SugarCRM root folder. If it's different then you need to change site_url of your config.php file.

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