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Sugar CRM Customization

Need the tailored development of SugarCRM? Rolustech is one of the largest SugarCRM development teams in the world! We design optimal solutions to help companies get better results from their sales, marketing and customer services functions. We analyze your needs and design the best possible solution for your business.

Rolustech, a SugarCRM Partner, is an expert in providing comprehensive solutions. Unlocking the full potential of SugarCRM, our SugarCRM development team has expertise in

  • SugarCRM Customization
  • SugarCRM Integration
  • SugarCRM Support
  • SugarCRM Data Migration
  • SugarCRM Theme design


Our SugarCRM team has complete command over the Sugar framework and SOAP architecture allowing us to build extensive custom products on top of SugarCRM. Our expertise in SugarCRM development spanning over 8 years, has led us to deliver more than 500 custom implementations of SugarCRM for various clients globally. With the right people on the team, Rolustech is equipped to provide some top-notch and unparalleled SugarCRM Development solutions that empower business growth.

Following are some examples of the Sugar customization that we have done for our clients:

Record View Customization

Record View customization.jpg

Quotes Module Customization

Quote Customization.jpg

Integration with WordPress

Wordpress Integration.jpg

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