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With the Subpanel Management add-on for SugarCRM, you can now customize how your subpanels are displayed within individual modules. Easily show or hide available subpanels of your choice, so you can conveniently view what matters to you most in the CRM.

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Installation Guide

1. [Step 1] Download plugin after your ordering

2. [Step 2] Goto Admin Panel of your sugar Instance Click on Module Loader and Install .zip

Module loader.png

3. [Step 3] Goto administration page and click on Subpanels Management: License Configuration

Admin panel.png

4. [Step 4] Enter the given license key and validate it.

validate - sugaroutfitter.png

5. [Step 5] Go to Admin->Repair and run the Quick Repair & Rebuild

6. [Step 6] Refresh the browser window.

You're done!

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