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Empower your business with the ability to utilize and change runtime filters for saved reports directly in the Saved Reports dashlet. This plugin from Exsitec enables you to add same report to several dashlets where runtime filters is available to reduce the number of reports needed, since it can be accessed by several users with runtime filters set for specific log-ins.

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Installation Guide

Installing the Add-on

Step 1

It is always a good idea to backup your instance files and database before installing any module or upgrading

Step 2

Download the zip file from the purchases page within your Sugar Outfitters account. Make sure you download the correct file for your instance.

Step 3

Login to your instance as an admin and navigate to Admin -> Module Loader

Step 4

Upload the downloaded .zip package

Step 5

Click the Install button in Module Loader


Step 6

Accept the License Agreement and click Commit


Step 7

After the installation completed, please navigate to Admin -> SRD Runtime Filters -> Settings SRD-RunTimeFilter-3.png

Step 8

Enter your license key from Sugar Outfitters: SRD-RunTimeFilter-4.png

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