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SMS for Sugar is a module developed by Synolia allowing you to send SMS individually or in batches in SugarCRM.

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Module configuration

Go to the Synolia >> SMS for Sugar configuration section


Configuration of the SMS volume per send

The "Configuration of SMS sending" section allows you to select the number of SMS sent during each batch.


Twilio connection configuration

The « Configuration of SMS providers » section is used to complete the configuration of the Twilio connection.


URL : Default Twilio URL API :

Account SID : SID of the Twilio account (different from the identification login).

Example on Twilio :


Auth Token : Value of Twilio « Auth Token ».

Example on Twilio :


From number in E.164 format : The E.164 format corresponds to the numbering format prefixed by the country code, for example +33 for France.

Example on Twilio :


The number is also found in the « Sender Pool » panel :


Messaging service ID : This ID is available on Programmable Messaging >> Messaging Services menu

Example on Twilio :



Authorization on numbers for sending tests

On a Twilio account in test mode, you will need to add the SMS messages that will receive the demo SMS to the platform.

To do this, go to « verified numbers » then add it. The interface will then ask for a verification code. Once the number has been added to those authorized, it will be able to receive SMS.



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