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SMS for Sugar is a module developed by Synolia allowing you to send SMS individually or in batches in SugarCRM.

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Documentation & Installation Guide


You can download the full documentation about Installation and how to use the module in English or in French to obtain additional information.

Getting started

Technical requirements

To install and use the SMS for Sugar module, you must have an original Sugar version where you have administration rights. Your Sugar original source code must not be changed so that the installation can be completed in the best conditions. The customizations made by the Studio are supported.

SYNOLIA cannot be held responsible for the use you make of the SMS for Sugar module.

Add-on installation

To install module you have to use the « Module Loader » tool found in the administration panel.


Once in the module loader, select the module package and click on "Upload" button.


Once the module is uploaded, you can deploy it by the « Install » button.


Accept the license terms then click on the « commit » button to start the installation.


Installation is automatic, wait until it’s finalized.

Once the installation is complete, go to the Synolia >> SMS for Sugar configuration section


Click on « Finalise »


Let the quick repair complete, execute the requested queries if necessary.


Finally, launch a role repair :


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