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People are constantly sending emails. Add this to your install to make that process faster by adding signature templates. This add-on allows administrators to streamline E-Mail signature management and to establish consistency in messages.

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Introduction Signature Manager was developed to allow administrators to centrally manage E-Mail signatures for their users.

Configuration To use this module you need to click on Signature Manager link in the Administration panel.

Creating a new E-Mail Signature Template To create an E-Mail Signature Template click on the button Create Template.

  1. Now you need to put in a name for the template in Template Name.
  2. Then create your content as wanted in the Template Body section. You can choose any of the variables available from objects Leads, Users, Accounts and Contacts.
  3. To set a Signature Template as default you need to set the field default to Yes.
  4. To categorize the language you need to use the field Language.
  5. Save you configuration.

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Deploying E-Mail Signatures 1: To deploy a signature to your users you need to mark the Deploy radio button and click on the button Generate Signatures.

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2: Now you need to pick the users in the popup window. You can select “All” to mark all users or you can just select several persons.

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3: The name of the E-Mail Signature is created dynamically.

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Deleting an existing E-Mail Signature Template You can delete an existing Signature template by clicking on the Delete bin icon in the Signature Templates panel.

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Using E-Mail Signatures 1: Go to a record in Sugar such as a contact. In the Emails subpanel click the + button to compose a new email. enter image description here

1: Go to a record in Sugar such as a contact. In the Emails subpanel click the + button to compose a new email. Email subpanel

2: Click on the Signatures button to choose a signature. Compose email

3: Once a signature is applied it will be automatically inserted into the email body. Email signature

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