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Do you need to send SMS messages from SugarCRM? SendSMS is the right tool for you. It allows sending SMS with ease to any Contact or Lead or even to many recipients at one time from the List View. SendSMS supports Callfire, Clikatell and Plivo SMS Gateways as well as any custom configuration. Communicate better and faster and improve your marketing efforts with SendSMS.

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1. Sending SMS to Contact/Lead from record view page.

From Contact/Lead detail view page expand actions list and hit Send SMS action

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SMS message dialog will popup

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SMS Number will be filled automatically. Please note that SMS Number should consist of country code, area code and phone number. Only digits are allowed. Fill out the message field. The length of single message shall not exceed 160 characters. Select Save as note checkbox if you want the SMS message to be stored as a Note. Hit **Send **to send message.

SMS message can be saved as Note. Saved messages are displayed in the Notes subpanel

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2. Sending group SMS to many Contacts/Leads from record list page.

Group messages can be sent to multiple recipients from record list page.

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Select SMS recipients from record list then expand action list dropdown and select Send SMS action. The SMS dialog will popup. SMS Number field will be automatically filled-in with mobile number of each recipient.

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Fill out SMS Message field and hit Send to send message to all recipients. Please note that for the performance reasons maximum number of recipients for one transaction is set to 500.

  1. johndudley member avatar

    Doug Mosher

    4 years ago

    I'm considering this SMS addon to our Community Edition, however, I have a question regarding how the number will appear to a user. So when we send out a text, will the user see a message from a full number or will it be a shortened number?

  2. viznet member avatar

    viznet Provider

    4 years ago

    Hello It depends on the SMS Gateway provider. In most cases SMS Gateways have a filed, where you can specify the number or a text (e.g Company name), which will be displayed as SMS sender. I hope this answers your question.


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