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Synchronize your Sugar on-premise or Sugar cloud instances contact data (leads, contacts, e-mail addresses, target lists) with Sendinblue to manage all your digital communication in one solution. With the KINAMU Sendinblue Connector, your existing Sugar leads, contacts and target lists are compared bidirectionally with Sendinblue in real-time and new data records are immediately created or updated.

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General Information


Sendinblue is a highly professional e-marketing solution and offers the following functionalities: email marketing, social media ads, landing pages, transactional emails, SMS, chat and much more. With Sendinblue you can manage all your digital communication under one roof and always reach the right target group at the right time on the right channel.

1. E-Mail-Campaigns:

Whether new customer acquisition, customer loyalty, lead nurturing, cross- and up-selling or winning back inactive contacts - with e-mails you can reach your target group over the entire life cycle. With our drag & drop editor you can create professional and responsive e-mail campaigns according to your taste in just a few minutes.

2. Marketing Automation:

Automate your marketing and sales processes in just a few steps. Define individual sending triggers and thus ideally adapt your campaigns to the behavior of your website visitors. Thanks to marketing automation, you can send highly personalized messages and save a lot of time.

3. Double-Opt-In:

Setting up and using a double opt-in subscription system can improve your email deliverability as well as the quality of your contact list. Because in order to be included in the contact list, new subscribers have to "confirm" their email address. This prevents problems related to typos in the registration form. And you avoid potential problems with GDPR, where you can provide proof of consent for every contact in your database.

4. Drag & Drop Editor:

The drag and drop editor makes it easy to design professional-looking emails. It offers more options to customize your emails and also ensures that your emails look perfect on any email client and device.

5. Templates:

In Sendinblue you can create email templates yourself (or alternatively you can use Sendinblue as a service). The e-mail templates are optimized accordingly in order to achieve an smooth rendering on as many devices as possible.

Sendinblue Connector

KINAMU offers the Sendinblue Connector to compare your contact data (leads, contacts, email addresses, contact lists) with Sugar on-premise or in the cloud. With our KINAMU Sendinblue Connector, your existing leads, contacts and target lists are compared bidirectionally with Sendinblue in real time and new data records are created immediately.

This allows you to optimally use the advantages of both systems. Create and select your contact lists in SugarCRM where you also have the 360┬░ view and all the necessary information such as company data (name, classification, industry), order data (products, terms, end of guarantee), contact data (name, position, title, salutation, birthday) and date of last activity (call, meeting)...

Automatically transfer this data to Sendinblue based on certain criteria, such as: completed form on the website or newsletter requested flag, ....

In combination with Sendinblue Marketing Automation, you can then map your individual double opt-in process in Sendinblue and thus track the status on both Sugar and Sendinblue platforms.

The Sendinblue blacklist status is also synced to a dedicated field on your Sugar records. You can start additional workflows for all contact changes in Sendinblue with the SugarBPM and thus, for example, convert the blacklist flag into the Sugar email opt-out, or map other internal processes.

Benefits - your added value

  • Fully automatic synchronization of contacts/prospects in real time
  • Target lists created in SugarCRM are available in Sendinblue
  • Use Sugar Reports to create target lists
  • Compatible with Studio and Custom fields on Sugar and Sendinblue sites
  • Synchronization of double opt-in and blacklist status with Sugar
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Available for Sugar Cloud and On-Premise
  • Ongoing updates from KINAMU

Use Cases

  • Selection of data in SugarCRM using reports
  • Target lists created in SugarCRM and used via Sendinblue
  • GDPR compliant email marketing solution hosted in Germany
  • Using Sendinblue landing pages to generate Sugar contacts
  • Sending SMS campaigns to Sugar records
  • Integration of Sendinblue, SugarCRM and the form software Typeform


Our business model is based on individual CRM, ERP and e-marketing solutions. We offer you commercial and open source products. KINAMU complete solutions include hardware, operation, support and service. The focus of our work is on a short implementation time with low monthly fixed costs.

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