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Have newly created leads? Processing imported leads from one or more sources? Quickly identify if there is already an existing lead by setting up your predefined parameters. Any possible duplicates will be highlighted and noted when viewing a given lead.

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User Guide

For Sugar 6 and SuiteCRM

The below screen shows how identical first name, last name and email address as highlighted in yellow text background:

Duplicate Leads by First & Last Name

The below screen shows email address and duplicate data indicator message at top of the lead form.

Duplicate Leads by Email

The below screens shows you identical phone number email:

Duplicate Leads by Phone

Duplicate Leads by Phone Ex2

The below screen gives you demo that how it see when lead is unique and not having any identical text as per lead identification criteria:

Duplicate Leads with No Message

For Sugar 7

Below screen shows search result of identical leads on intelligence pane. As shown in screen user just created a lead record for “email demo” and system has searched identical leads and displayed results.

Duplicate Leads Intelligence Pane

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