Dynamic Reports and Interactive Charts. A powerful tool for report creation and data analytics in SugarCRM. Includes a variety of chart types, detailed, summary and pivot tables. This Reporting Tool is very user-friendly, no need for technical knowledge or SQL. The Sapiens.BI tool comes with over 100 pre-built reports that are ready to be used on day one.

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Installation Guide



  • SugarCRM CE 6.5+
  • At least 100Mb should be allowed in WEB server to upload module (php.ini values "upload_max_filesize" and "post_max_size" should be at least 100Mb)
  • Alter your SugarCRM config and increate the value of upload_maxsize to at least 100000000

Browser compatibility

  • Firefox 30 +
  • Google Chrome 30 +
  • Internet Explorer 11 +

Before installation

Following directories and files should be writable:



  1. Create backup of all your SugarCRM system (files and MySQL). It's better to make full backup of your SugarCRM system before any changes are made.

  2. Log in to your SugarCRM system as Administrator and go to Admin->Module Loader and browse for module ZIP file.

  3. Select your archived copy of Sapiens.BI module and click on button "Upload".

  4. If module successfully uploaded, press on "Install" button.

  5. License agreement step will appear. Click on "I accept the license agreement" and continue.

  6. If all went good - you can use your new Sapiens.BI in SugarCRM :)

  7. If you face any issues, please contact us:

Third party libraries

In Sapiens.BI for SugarCRM installation is included third party libraries such as:

  • jQuery 1.8.3
  • jQuery UI
  • jQuery Select2
  • jQuery Multiselect
  • jQuery event drag
  • saveSvgAsPng
  • Ractive.js
  • underscore.js
  • D3.js
  • NVD3.js
  • SlickGrid
  • Pace.js
  • jsTree
  • jsTree-Grid
  • PHPExcel


Sapiens.BI is delivered in English (en_us) language, to translate Sapiens.BI for your language, you should make modifications in your language files.

In your SUGARCRM_ROOT/modules/AnalyticReporting/languages/YOUR_LANGUAGE.lang.php array can be added following translations for Analytic Reporting (You can see example in SUGARCRM_ROOT/modules/AnalyticReporting/language/en_us.lang.php).


For support, please, contact us:

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