Dynamic Reports and Interactive Charts. A powerful tool for report creation and data analytics in SugarCRM. Includes a variety of chart types, detailed, summary and pivot tables. This Reporting Tool is very user-friendly, no need for technical knowledge or SQL. The Sapiens.BI tool comes with over 100 pre-built reports that are ready to be used on day one.

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! Important: At least 80MB should be allowed in WEB server and SugarCRM to upload module. Would be good to increase the limit beyond 80MB permanently

(And also - just in case, you should increase both upload_max_filesize and post_max_size in php.ini configuration, because max allowedupload size = MIN(upload_max_filesize,post_max_size). Web server has to be restarted after changing these settings. PHP INI memory_limit = 256M (at least)

In User Manual you will find the information on permission configuration for the module and for each report as well as the information for Sapiens.BI Settings: ## Click here to download full User Manual

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