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What if field mapping isn’t available in configuration?

For populating mapping you should have at least one record in Sugar. Create records and then reload the page

What if sync isn’t working? 1. Verify if the scheduler is running 1.1. Go to Schedulers 1.2. See if Mautic Sync Scheduler is Active

  1. Connector 2.1. Go to Admin >> Connectors >> Set connector properties >> Mautic 2.2. Click on Test Connector Button 2.3. Then click on Click here to Connect Button

  2. Mapping 3.1. Go to Admin>> Synchronization Settings >> RT Mautic Field Mapper 3.2. Verify Sugar fields are mapped with a single Mautic field, and no field is mapped to more than one field eld.

  3. Target List Syncing is enabled 4.1. Go to Target List 4.2. Open the Target List 4.3. Then click on Dropdown against Edit button, Set the button to Sync Enabled if disabled.

  4. Configuration 5.1. Go to Admin >> Synchronization Settings >> Modules Setting 5.2. Check if the module has Enable Syncing checkbox is checked.

What if Authentication doesn’t work? 1. Clear the Mautic Instance cache 2. Check the Mautic Instance Permissions 3. Getting the 500 internal server error during authorization, then check your Redirect URI on Mautic and Callback URL on SugarCRM Mautic Connector Settings. Both need to be same

What if Synchronization Settings page is distorted on Edit/Detail view on SugarCRM-10 1. Go to Profile >>Edit >> Advanced Tab 2. Set the Field Name Placement to Above Field Value.

I am having trouble setting up Mautic on my instance You can follow this link to set it up.

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