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Release Notes

Version 4.6.0 (Available: 08/05/2022)


  • Compatible with Sugar12 and below


  • Migration feature now allows you to retain your existing DocuSign data if you are using an older version of RT DocuSign.

Version 2.0.1 (Available: 01/01/2020)


  • From Sugar 8.0.0 to Sugar 9.2.0


  • Records are attaching in subpanel of Accounts, Contacts, Quotes, and Opportunities in Document Record view.


  • Update Naming Convention for Document Packets.


  • Structural improvements in code to make it upgrade safe.

Version 1.07 Onsite/OnDemand (Available: 07/05/2019)


  • SugarCRM 8.x.x to 9.0.0 (on-premise and on-demand)


  • Full support for Quotes module.
  • Added signature placeholder field in PDFManager module to pre-populate signature placeholder when a template is sent for signature.


  • Email of account pre-populates when 'Send to Docusign' button is clicked.
  • Current user is set when notification entry point is hit.
  • Contact and Document's name get cleared when add button is clicked to add another Contact and Document.
  • Status on dashlets updates correctly.


  • Status field value is changed from 'send' to 'sent'.
  • Used translations throughout .hbs files.
  • Used translations for status field.

Version 1.06.2 Onsite/OnDemand (Available: 6/11/2018)


  • SugarCRM 8.2.x (on-premise and on-demand)
  • Backward Compatible


  • Document does not open for send when the name of document is changed
  • Wrong labels
  • License Validation Bug

Version 1.06.1 Onsite/OnDemand (Available: 8/1/2018)

  • Compatibility with Sugar Pro 8.1

Version 1.06 Onsite/OnDemand (Available: 12/21/2015)

  • Bug Fixation
  • Compatibility with Sugar Pro 7.2
  • Compatibility with Sugar Pro 7.5
  • Compatibility with Sugar Pro 7.6

Version 1.0 Onsite/OnDemand (Available: 04/12/2015)

  • Configure RT DocuSign using Global DocuSign Account (one DocuSign Account configured by admin for all users).
  • Configure RT DocuSign using User Account. (Each user has the ability to configure and use his DocuSign for sending documents).
  • Send attached documents of Accounts Module for signature to DocuSign. 4‐ Send PDF (Sugar PDF Module Templates) from Accounts Module for Signature to DocuSign.
  • Send attached documents of Contacts Module for signature to DocuSign. 6‐ Send PDF (Sugar PDF Module Templates) from Contacts Module for Signature to DocuSign.
  • Send attached documents of Opportunities Module for signature to DocuSign. 8‐ Send PDF (Sugar PDF Module Templates) from Opportunities Module for Signature to DocuSign.
  • Send attached documents of Leads Module for signature to DocuSign. 10‐ Send PDF (Sugar PDF Module Templates) from Leads Module for Signature to DocuSign.
  • Functionality to Add/Remove attached documents with Documents packet before sending to DocuSign.
  • Track the Status of Document Packet in Sugar Activity Stream.
  • Visualize and view the details of the statuses of Documents Packets in Sugar Dashlets on Global, Module and Record Levels.
  • Manage Revisions of packets documents in the form of PDF attached as Sugar documents with Document Packet Record.
  • Manage final revision original Document once signed by all users.
  • View Statuses of individual documents and Recipients in Documents Packets Modules Details View.
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