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The UI is THE most over looked efficiency opportunity. Kick out that old-fashioned SugarCRM Community Edition UX! An upgrade safe, Bootstrap 3 implemetation. What that means to you is industry proven, effective UI design. Our premium theme comes with 4 different color schemes - Black with Blazing Red / Forest Green / Sun Burst Orange / Serene Blue.

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Installation Guide

How to install premium theme

1. Upload the Theme

Go to Admin->Module Loader and upload the zip file found under your Purchases

2. Install the Theme

Once uploaded, simplify click on Install and follow the short wizard.

3. Enable the Theme

For existing users, enable the theme by going to the user record, edit, go to the Themes tab, and select from one of the many new theme schemes. image

4. To set a theme as Default theme

To set a theme as the default theme go to Admin->Themes and select a Default Theme from the dropdown. You can enable/disable themes below in the Enable/Disable section.


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    9 years ago

    Good article. Thanks for sharing.

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  • "This theme really gives Sugar a more professional look. We love it."

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