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Integrate Sugar with PhoneBurner. Boost call volume and live client interactions with our Sugar power dialer. Dial leads live (no awkward pause), leave pre-recorded voicemails, send 1-click emails, set follow-ups, and more. Sugar records are automatically updated as the next lead is dialed.

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Installation Guide


Versions of Sugar that include ExternalResourceClient

Supported Versions

  • 11.0.4 or after
  • 12.0.1 or after
  • 12.1.0 or after

Supported Editions

  • Sell
  • Enterprise
  • Serve

Add-on Installation

To install the module you have to use the « Module Loader » tool found in the Developer Tools section of the Administration panel. DeveloperTools.png

Once in the module loader, select the module package and click on the "Upload" button. UploadMLP.png

Once the module is uploaded, you can deploy it by the « Install » button. InstallMLP.png

Accept the license terms then click on the « commit » button to start the installation. AcceptLicenseMLP.png

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