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In one click, the PAL-QuickPreview plugin pulls up each record's related information in the SugarCRM preview side-pane layout. This single-window view eliminates the need to open each record in a new tab, so your team can quickly get the right information and maintain an efficient workflow.

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Installation Guide

1. [Step 1] Download plugin after your ordering

2. [Step 2] Goto Admin Panel of your sugar Instance Click on Module Loader and Install .zip


3. [Step 3] Goto administration page and click on iPredict PAL-QuickPreivew: License Configuration


4. [Step 4] Enter given license key and validate it.


5. [Step 5] Go to Admin->Repair and run the Quick Repair & Rebuild

6. [Step 6] Refresh the browser window.

You're done!

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  • "The add-on works perfectly. I would like to note that there is a separate package that needs to be requested to work with the Meeting and Phone Calls ..." - danielolivas

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