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The need to manually copy data between Outreach and Sugar Sell is over! With the Outreach-Sugar Integration by BrainSell, you will be able to seamlessly sync data between Outreach and Sugar Sell. This integration completely removes any tedious, complicated, and manual data synchronization through data imports and exports.

Your initial subscription purchase comes with 10 hours of setup and onboarding.

Upon purchase, log a ticket with Support to get your set-up call scheduled.

Includes a 30 day guarantee
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BrainSell's Outreach-SugarCRM integration helps drive revenue through customized, seamless syncing of Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, Accounts, and related activities. Using filters each user can select which modules and fields to sync.

The SugarCRM administrator selects which modules and fields will sync, along with the sync direction: Outreach Sync Options.png

Each user configures any filters. Here's an example of both AND and OR filters in the Leads module: Outreach Filter Options.png

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