A new Theme for SugarCRM


We based our work on years of experience in SugarCRM . We wanted to create a clear theme simple and effective . A working tool clear professional and fully usable even with Ipad or other mobile devices.


Metro theme offers a quick and clear navigation combined with advanced features that only SugarCRM Seven is able to offer : the preview of the records from each listview , the quick list of notifications ( past records assigned to the user ) , an effective toolbar to show all the subpanels

  • Dynamic top menu bar: Metro Theme adjusts the number of modules visible to the screen width (like SugarCRM 7. It is perfect for tablets

  • Listview with Plus icon [ + ] on the right to create related records directly from Listview

  • Listview with preview (like Sugar 7): you can choose (in administration section) to display only details of the record or even the latest modified related records (subpanels)

  • Hide and show Search panels (basic and advanced) to improve navigation

  • Listview with 100% height (like Sugar 7): user can scroll records not the page

  • Notification alert:

  • Administration panel: it is possible to disable preview, sho company logo in top menu, disable notifications etc

MetroThemePro Live Demo user:will Pass: willmetro

Look & Feel Look & Feel of MetroThemePro

ListViewl List View (with + on the right icon user can add related records)

ListViewl List View with a preview (user clicks on any row to show details)

Hide and Show filters User can hide and show filters panels of any Listview

New features Notifications: list of last assigned records and others new features

Administration Panel

Metro Theme offers Quick Administration panel in the Administration section of SugarCRM to : - show or hide the corporate logo - enable or disable the functionality provided (preview , notifications, etc. . )

Metro Theme is provided with user support in the installation and usage

Gold support: customize Theme for all your needs

With MetroTheme Gold Support Plan we customize stylesheet and javascript: all colors in MetroTheme You can have customization of Metro Theme. basic colors , backgrounds etc.

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