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Upgrade Guide

Mautic Plugin

Step 1: Disable cron entries

It is good to disable the cron jobs for a time of upgrade since it takes some time and in the mean time we don't want events to be triggered within application.

Run following command in your SSH console (for example responsible system user is www:data):

    crontab -e -u www-data

Disable following jobs from crontab (for example if Mautic instance directory path is: /var/www/my_mautic):

Form Mautic 2.X:

# *   *   *   *   *    /var/www/my_mautic/app/console mautic:evolpe:sync
# *   *   *   *   *    /var/www/my_mautic/app/console mautic:evolpe:historyactivity

Form Mautic 3.X and 4.X:

# *   *   *   *   *    /var/www/my_mautic/bin/console evolpe:sync:process
# *   *   *   *   *    /var/www/my_mautic/bin/console evolpe:historyactivity:process

Step 2: (Optional) Update Mautic

Before update it is best to backup database and files upgrade.JPG

Step 3: Replace eVolpe Plugin

Delete Mautic_directory/plugins/EVolpeMarketingAutomationBundle directory

You can run following commands in your SSH console:

    cd [Mautic_directory]/plugins/
    rm -r EVolpeMarketingAutomationBundle

Step 4: Repeat steps from Installation Guide / Mautic Plugin

CRM Plugin

Step 1: (Optional) Upgrade SugarCRM

  • Go to Module Loader and DISABLE Mautic Integrator
  • Perform the Upgrade as suggested by SugarCRM Documentation
  • Go to Module Loader and ENABLE Mautic Integrator
  • Go to Administration -> Repair and perform "Quick Repair and Rebuild"

Step 2: Install new CRM integrator package

On CRM side you can install a new package as normal. DO NOT Uninstall the old one.

Make again steps from Installation Guide / CRM Plugin

Step 3: Adjust Connector settings for Mautic Version in CRM

Change Mautic Version to the current version 07. CRM - Connectors - Set Connector Properties.jpg

Mautic Plugin (Enable cron entries)

Enable Mautic cron entries again, just repeat step Configuration Guide / Mautic Plugin / Step 4: Add new jobs to crontab

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