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  • Q: _I’ve configured everything according to instructions but integration does not work and I see error I sugarcrm.log:
MAUTIC API ERROR: 404: Requested URL not found: /mautic/api/contacts/new
  • A: Try clearing Mautic Instance cache again (Installation Guide/Mautic Plugin/Step 4: Clear Mautic instance cache files)

  • Q: I’ve clicked “Synchronize records with Mautic” but nothing is happening
  • A: Make sure that your Sugar instance is properly configured in crontab (Configuration Guide / SugarCRM Plugin / Step 4: Make sure if CRM job exists in crontab)

  • Q: I’ve assigned a license to new user but he still gets Access Denied for Mautic fields
  • A: Sugar ACL permissions are stored in browser cache. Make sure that that user clears it and tries to relog in to Sugar. For example, you can clean webpage cache in Google Chrome clean by pressing Ctrl+Shift+R, for Opera by pressing Ctrl+F5.

  • Q: I use LDAP, so is there really no way to use your integrator?
  • A: Turn off LDAP for a moment and assign a standard sugar password to the user you want to use in integration. Turn on LDAP again. Sugar API will respect the local password.
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