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Need to turn off access to SugarCRM temporarily while you upgrade your servers? Doing a big code deploy and want to avoid any issues with users? Simply turn on a Maintenance Mode message which disables logging into SugarCRM.

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Value Proposition Allows CRM Administrators to keep peace of mind during maintenance windows.

Objective Maintenance Mode Module was designed with the objective of allowing CRM Administrators to activate a mode that prevents other users from logging into the application during an maintenance.

Challenges Some of the common challenges of an maintenance window are:

  • Some users forgort the maintenance announcement and stay logged in when the maintenance has started or some users login too early again during the maintenance windows. This can cause various problems from data loss to inconsistencies and of course emotional feedback in a very negative sense for the administrator.
  • Htaccess is uncomfortable for non technical users even unpractitable if you have a fully managed instance. It also does not solve the problem of users logged in when an maintenance window has started.

Benefits Some of the benefits are:

  • Users can be automatically logged out when the mode is activated.
  • At the same time certain users that have received a maintenance password can log in again and do their job.
  • CRM Adminstrators can activate the maintenance mode, no need to ask IT staff.
  • Peace of mind in front of your CRM users. Professional handling of maintenance windows is what is expected from an Administrator.
  • Installs in a few minutes. Easy to learn and use.

Highlights Let’s highlight the main functionality that Maintenance Mode Module can provide to you.

  • Allows administrators to activate a mode that keeps users logged out.
  • Allows administrators to allow certain users to log in again by giving password protected access.
  • Installs in a few minutes by Sugar Module Loader

Check the manual for a comprehensive overview.

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