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Marketing Automation Made Easy for SugarCRM. Made for both marketing and sales. Made for SugarCRM. Made for you. Designed specifically for Sugar, we help you do marketing automation the right way across all channels; email, website, chat, SMS, telephony, ads, blog posts, and more.

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A Start-up Guide to Marketing Automation with SugarCRM

Not sure how to get started doing Marketing Automation with SugarCRM? We put together a guide just for you. Below are some samples from the guide.

Start-up Guide to Marketing Automation for SugarCRM

Lead Capture Forms and Landing Pages that map to your CRM

Generating new sales leads is a critical operation for most marketing teams. Capturing those leads can be done in any number of ways, but with Marketing Automation you will frequently hear about landing pages or lead capture pages.

A landing page or lead capture page is an entry-point for your sales funnel and the goal is to incentivize a visitor to convert on your form. Ideally your form will collect sufficient information to kick-off the nurturing and sales cycle (i.e. beginning a nurturing track or triggering a sales call) for your new lead.

Recipes for Success:

  1. Free Whitepaper / Report Download make great incentives
  2. Free Trial Sign-up forms
  3. Request a Quote forms
  4. Simple Contact us forms
Recipes for Success

When a prospect converts on a landing page or form, we can write their field results directly to fields within your CRM for Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Targets. This process can be done in real-time and helps to alleviate any need for manual data importing.

Prospect Conversion

Our approach also helps support more responsive marketing and sales efforts, since incoming leads can be immediately assigned to Sugar sales agents and seamlessly enrolled in nurturing tracks.

Consider the following scenario, which can be executed in < 2 minutes:

  1. John Doe signs-up for a free trial (form) of Acme Accounting Online
  2. On-submit, John is added as a Lead to Acme’s CRM
  3. A lead routing automation track identifies the new lead and assigns them
    to a sales agent in Sugar
  4. The new lead is enrolled to a drip nurturing campaign and sent a
    welcome email
  5. The sales agent assigned in Sugar receives an email alert and SMS alert
    to contact the new lead

Lead Management & Intelligence within Sugar

Give your Sales agents quick access to critical lead activity and behavior history that can help close sales or identify opportunities. Our Timeline report is embedded in a dedicated sub-panel within Sugar for every Lead, Contact, Account or Target, making accessibility for sales agents quick and easy.

Lead Intelligence within Sugar

Enhanced Reporting for Opportunities

Enabling the Opportunities module within SymSync will give you the ability to relate marketing activity from Contacts and Accounts to sales opportunities. Our enhanced reporting can provide detailed insight into which marketing efforts are having the largest impact on sales and revenue.

Enhanced Marketing Reporting
Do you know the current status of your sales pipeline? How many opportunities will close this week or this month? How many are at risk of being lost? Welcome to your Monday morning sales meeting.
Opportunities Won or Lost

How many opportunities does your team win or lose? Drill down into a wealth of data and compare your win/loss record over a specific period of time.

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  • "We have created automations in Inbox25 via our website that has saved us time and embarrassment. The features and reports have created excitement within our sales staff too because they see it working and driving business." - Abril P.

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