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Striking Features. A Completely Rethought UI. Give your users a familiar user interface that makes them more efficient and effective with SugarCRM CE. Powerful features abound such as favorites, quick reminders, subpanels as tabs, and unlimited dashboards. On top of the click reducing interface, these feature make it a must-have tool for any organization looking to improve their bottom line.

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Theme Documentation (v2.6.5)

with the updated Release v2.6.5 of the Goolge Style Theme we have also created a full featured manual on the theme. This includes all enhancements as well as configuration options and usefuly information on the Installation process. It can be found here on SugarForge

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    5 years ago

    Link to the documentation no longer works, where can I download the docs from?

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  • "This is a very useful and versatile theme. Frequent updates and fantastic support. I can assure you, this theme is worth the price."

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