Google Ads Audit

( From the Labs)

by Clever Ads

Google Ads Audit is an app that will improve the performance of your Google Ads campaigns (as well as Bing & Facebook in the near future) by telling them the weaknesses and strengths of their campaigns and metrics

Installation Guide Video

Installation Video description

First Step

On the Administration tab, go to developer tools and click 'Module Loader'.

Second Step

On the Module Loader, choose the file to upload the zip package - 'CleverAds', after the name of this file appears, click on the 'Upload' button.

Third Step

After you have uploaded the package, verify that the package information appears on the console.

upload_verification_image (1).png

Fourth Step

On the console, click Install.

Fifth Step

After clicking Install, a new window should then appear. On this new window click Commit and wait a few seconds. Once the installation process is complete, the following message should appear, "Module Installed Successfully". After that, simply click Back to Module loader.

Sixth Step

On the Module Loader, a loading signal should appear, allow for this process to finish.

Seventh Step

On the Administration tab, click on the visualization drop down menu and click on the CleverAds option.

drop_down_menu_CleverAds (1).png

Your CleverAds Google Ads Audit module is ready to be used!! Enjoy

cleverads_module_install_ready (1).png

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