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Sugar 6 - User Guide

Welcome to the RT GSync user guide! This document provides a starting point for using this innovative synchronization tool.


RT GSync provides the following synchronization tools:

  • Calendar Sync - Automatic bi-directional sync of calendar items including meetings, calls, and tasks.
  • Contact Sync - Sugar contacts are synced to Gmail.
  • Email Sync - Emails coming to and from customers are synced automatically.
  • GDrive - Documents from Sugar and Gmail will be synced automatically.

Pre-requisites for Gmail Id Authentication

  • The popups should be allowed on your current browser. You can change your browser settings, See the following link:
  • Each user must enable RT GSync for their account to do Gmail Id Authentication

How to perform Gmail Id Authentication?

1) Click on your name in Sugar, and select “Profile”.

enter image description here

2) Scroll to the “RT GSync” Panel.

Go to a User within Sugar/Suite and edit. Scroll down to the RT GSync panel.

enter image description here

If you do not see this panel under a user then you can add this by going to Admin->Studio and adding the Gmail ID and Gmail Password fields to the Edit View.

3) Enter your Gmail credentials (Gmail ID: Password:abc@123)

enter image description here

4) Click on the “Test Connection” button.
5) A popup will be shown.

enter image description here

6) After getting Success message, Click on “Save” button and you will be redirected on Popup screen as mentioned in following Image.

enter image description here
7) Click on “Accept” button in above mentioned image and your Gmail Id Authentication will be completed.
RT GSync is now enabled!

- The above mentioned popup will only appear once when user will save the RT GSync settings for the first time. If you do not see the popup then contact us on
- All the configurations should be separate for each user.

Calendar Sync

Automatic Syncing

1) All calendar items entered in Gmail are synced to Sugar automatically.
2) All Meetings, Calls, and Tasks from Sugar are synced to Gmail automatically.

Sync Tagging

In Gmail you can specify what type of Sugar event to create. This is done with “Tagging” the appointment.
1) To create a “Call” in Sugar from Gmail, tag the beginning of the subject with “Call: [subject of call]:

enter image description here

2) To create Tasks in Sugar, tag appointments with “Task:”
3) To create Meetings, simply type in the name of the meeting (this is the default action).

Contact Sync

Sync Overview

  • Contacts created in Gmail are synced to Sugar.
  • Contacts created in Sugar are automatically synced to Gmail.

Note: Sugar contacts are not synced to “My Contacts”. They are synced to “Other Contacts”.
1) To move a contact from “Other Contacts” to “My Contacts”, highlight the contact and click “Add to My Contacts”.

enter image description here

Setting up Automatic Email Archiving

  • Automatic email archiving is not enabled by default, and must be turned on individually for each user.
  • RT GSync uses Sugar’s built-in “Emails” tool for managing Email Archiving. To enable automatic archiving:

1) Navigate to the “Emails” tab in Sugar.

enter image description here

2) Click “Settings”

enter image description here

3) In the “Check for New Mail” section, select “Every 5 minutes”

enter image description here

4) In the popup screen, click “Mail Accounts”, and then “Add”.

enter image description here

5) Click on “Prefill Gmail Defaults”, and then fill in your Gmail login information.

enter image description here

6) Click “Done”.

7) Automatic Email Archiving is now set up and will occur every 5 minutes!

GDrive Sync

GDrive sync is automatic and straightforward:

1) Any document you create in Sugar will be synced to GDrive.
2) Any document you create in GDrive will be synced to Sugar.

enter image description here

GDrive Sync can be disabled by turning off the “Scheduler” task. This must be done globally by your administrator.

**Note: GDrive sync is only available for Sugar version 6 **

Technical Support

If you are not clear with anything mentioned above then please use the SugarOutfitters "Support" tab to create a Case or Email us at

Download User Guide

Please click on following URL to download RT GSync Sugar 6 User Guide.

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