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I am unable to authenticate my Gmail ID for GSync. What should I do?
1) Under Admin Profile Settings, enter your Complete Gmail ID i.e and Password. Then click on 'Test Connection'
2) When you get 'Success' message on Test connection then save the settings. It will take you to the popup window to allow access to the Google Account (Important: Please ALREADY enable popup settings for your Browser to see the popup)
3) Click on 'Allow Access' in popup, you will be redirected on Home Screen.

I can not find the Gmail ID/Password fields. Where can I find them?
Gmail password field is not required in the latest GSync release. GSync doesn’t require its users to add Gmail ID filed manually anymore as it adds it automatically on installation.

I just installed Gmail Sync & it says "The Administrator disabled this function" & I am the Admin. What should I do now?
Please make sure you enable your user to use the Gmail Sync by going to 'GSync Users Configuration' under Admin Settings and enable the integration for your user.

Can I select multiple Google Calendars for sync?
In RT GSync version 3.9.1 and above, it is possible to sync multiple Google calendars.

Can I select a particular Calendar for syncing?
You can either select to sync only primary calendars or all calendars present in your Google calendar. However, it is not possible to choose a particular calendar to sync while opting out the others.

What is the maximum file size I can upload in Sugar to sync it with GDrive?
5 MB

My 'Sugar to Google' Contact sync is not working while the sync is enabled and schedulers are executing jobs correctly at regular intervals. What should I do?
Please make sure your Sugar Contacts are assigned to your own user. If a Contact's 'Assigned to' field contains any other user then it won't sync to your Google Contacts.

RT GSync is not syncing my emails to my CRM. Please help?
Syncing emails to Sugar is the default feature within the CRM even if you are not using RT GSync. RT GSync automatically archives the emails you receive with corresponding contacts/leads so you can view your email history with a certain contact/lead in the emails sub-panel in the record view.
Please note email archiving comes out of the box in Sugar version 7.10 and above. For versions below 7.10, you can use RT GSync for email archiving.

My data is not syncing at all. What should I do?
1) Verify that under GSync's 'Preferences' screen, all options (checkboxes) to sync data are checked.
2) Check that GSync related Schedulers are 'Active'. To check that, go to Admin Settings -> Schedulers.
3) Make sure that on your Sugar Instance 'Sugar Default Schedulers' are running at regular intervals. If not, then please setup cronjob at your server and then test it. If the issue persists then submit a case.

I did not see the Google pop-up. What should I do?
Go to Profile-> Edit. Enter your Complete Gmail ID (i.e in the Gmail ID field. Once you click save settings and it will take you on popup screen to allow access (Important: Please ALREADY enable popup settings for your Browser to see the popup)
Click on 'Allow Access' in the popup, you will be redirected on Home Screen.
If it still does not work, try the above step using a different browser.

My Schedulers are active but Email Archiving feature is not working. What should I do?
GSync uses Sugar's built-in 'Emails' tool for managing Email Archiving. Therefore, you have to make sure that email address which you are providing for GSync must be configured under Emails Module too. Otherwise, you won't be able to see archived emails under your instance.

How do I download the latest release?
If your subscription is still active then you simply go to your Purchases and download it from the same location where you got the files originally. For more help see: An update for an add-on has been released. How do I get access to it?

I do not have Google Apps account, but I have a Gmail account. Can I still use this?
Absolutely. A Google Apps account is not required or necessary for GSync.

Can I just purchase ONLY for the users who will be using it & not be charged for everyone else?
Yes. You only need to purchase what you need. If you want to give more users access to it, you can easily do it from the user configuration page in RT GSync.

Can I select particular Contacts or Emails for syncing?
No. The default syncing takes place with all contacts and email. However, the plugin can be customized according to your unique needs. Just drop an email at with your customization request.

Is RT GSync compatible with SuiteCRM?
Yes. To keep up with the in-demand SuiteCRM market, we have worked on making our plugins compatible with SuiteCRM. RT GSync is compatible with all versions of SuiteCRM. (Note: RT GSync's Sugar 6 package can be used for your SuiteCRM Instance.)

The plugin does not meet my requirements. What should I do?
We can always add customizations to the default functionality of the plugin. You can share your customization requests with us at

  1. mcampos05 member avatar


    3 years ago

    Could you tell me if works with Community Edition?

    • rolustech member avatar

      Rolustech Provider Affiliate

      3 years ago


      Yes it works with Community Edition.

      Feel free to contact us at in case you need further assistance.

      Kind Regards,
      Rolustech Support

  2. vincentaudoin member avatar


    a year ago

    Is there any limitation on the calendar synchronization, any known issue ? Do the recurring meetings are synchronized, both ways ?

  3. rolustech member avatar

    Rolustech Provider Affiliate

    a year ago


    Yes, the scheduled calendar events are synchronized both ways.

    Feel free to contact us at in case you need further assistance.

    Kind Regards,
    Rolustech Support

  4. bdemchok member avatar


    9 months ago

    How does this handle repeated events within Google? By default Google repeated events have no end date and Sugar doesn't seem capable to handle that. Also do the users responses to the meetings also sync to both calendars?

  5. rolustech member avatar

    Rolustech Provider Affiliate

    9 months ago


    Currently, RT-Gsync does not support repeated events and nor does it supports syncing of users responses.

    Thank you for this useful feedback. We will try to include these features in our upcoming release.

    Kind Regards,
    Rolustech Support

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