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Reporting and Theme Efficiencies All Wrapped in One. A SugarCRM theme and reporting tool all wrapped into one plan. Increase productivity with this feature-rich, configurable theme and easily create professional reports

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A new professional theme for SugarCRM

EasyTheme is the innovative theme of SugarCRM, which has greatly improved both the navigation and the information search. A new toolbar allows for easy access to single subpanel of DetailView, which are then displayed one at a time.

Custom colors: EasyTheme colours can be customized by simply indicating the RGB base and your corporate colors.

Create PDF files from Listview and Detailview

With a single click EasyTheme creates a PDF of any SugarCRM records of ListView, DetailView CalendarView (either in a standard format or customized).

There is no need to install a module or access to the database. A simple click on PRINT PDF without closing your page of SugarCRM will create your document with an elegant layout.

Print DetailView Starting from DetailView of any SugarCRM module, EasyTheme creates the PDF print of the details and related Subpanels. For example, starting from Accounts you will get with a single click a complete CRM Folder with a client details, its subpanels and tables.

Reporting graph

EasyTheme introduces a new tool: bar graphs and pie charts to display your ListView in a concise and effective way.

EasyTheme includes the following additional features for ListView:

  • Print Group by depending on the column selected by the user
  • Calculation of Total, Average, and Count on numeric columns
  • Print the result in the form of Reports, Pie Charts, Bar Charts

EasyTheme is a standard theme for SugarCRM and follows the standard installation from the administration console. No code in your modules, no password is required.

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  • "Good Theme. Some mistakes on my site. Good support." - andreas.epping

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