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Reporting and Theme Efficiencies All Wrapped in One. A SugarCRM theme and reporting tool all wrapped into one plan. Increase productivity with this feature-rich, configurable theme and easily create professional reports

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A new theme for SugarCRM CE 6.5 with advanced professional features introduces a clear interface, a friendly navigation and with the bndle addon the possibility to print in PDF format a report of all SugarCRM modules: ListView, Detailview with Subpanels, CalendarView.

Theme Features

Reporting features with SugarPrint

This theme comes loaded with the SugarPrint module already included. Learn more about SugarPrint, the One-Click Reporting Tool for SugarCRM here:

SugarPrint Documentation

Getting started

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  • "When I first loaded the Theme I misread the instruction and actually went into the php file to change colors instead of running the php script. I wor..." - Glen

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