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Allows Marketers to use Sugar for lightweight Drip E-Mail Campaigns.

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Setting up the Target List

To activate a target list for automatic updates mark the checkbox Auto Update.

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To add a report to a target list pick Select Report for Auto Updating.

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Setting up the Target List scheduler

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Setting up the Campaigns module

Create a new campaign and select Drip E-Mail from the dropdown field Type and save the record.

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Click on Create in the Email Marketing subpanel. enter image description here

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Select “Assigned User” to use the From Name and E-Mail Adresse of the user who is assigned to the record who received the E-Mail, eg “Hank Moody”

Select “Mailbox” to use the From Name and E-Mail Adresse of a given mailbox, eg Sales Company

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To set the delay time enter a delay time in hours, days or weeks. The e-mail will be send at the time the list member was added to the related target list.

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Explaining a Drip E-Mail Campaign Process

Exemplaric overview of a Drip Email Campaign process

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Possible scenarios of how you can use Drip Campaign

Here is an example of a Drip Campaign. This Campaign have three automated Drip E-Mails in the process.

You want to send an series of E-Mails for a trial of your product to the registered leads.

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E-Mail 1: Immediately after registration: Getting Started in the system.

E-Mail 2: A day after the registration: Visit our live webinars or inform yourself on these pages about the product.

E-Mail 3: After 14 days: your trial expires in 14 days. Can we help you?

E-Mail 4: After 30 days: Your trial has expired.

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